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We are just beginning therapist training in the United States. Generally the partner of a person who is verbally abusive will try to get their spouse to come to a couples counselor for help in waking the person up to the destructive behavior—to get it to stop! Couples counseling is not the answer.

Usually couples counselors approach the relationship problem as a 50/50 thing. This, of course, reinforces the abuser's behavior. Usually, the abuse increases and the target feels crazier. To avoid this, it is sometimes helpful to spend some time with a therapist and then to invite the person who indulges in verbal abuse to join in some counseling with the already aware counselor. It is also important to know that generally, the target need validation and emotional support and the perpetrator benefits from EMDR or other intensive trauma therapy to recover the lost parts of the self that are projected into the partner. Any therapist one goes to should have read all five books by Patricia Evans.

All this and what to do and how to go about waking up the person who indulges in verbal abuse are covered in phone consultations with Patricia Evans. She can be reached at her office 925 934 5972. In consultations, nearly a thousand individuals have received an educational perspective on what is happening to them and and what is wrong with the person who abuses. Finding appropriate therapy to recover from trauma and to stop the abuse is important. Knowing what to ask for and what to expect is, too.

Currently, one therapist has received a certification of training as a "Specialist in Verbally Abusive Relationships."


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