"From thousands of cases, I have assimilated information beyond my books that I don"t believe is available anywhere. In consultations I draw on this perspective and address the callers current issues and questions."
-Patricia Evans

Phone Consultations — Just one consultation can make a real difference in your life!

You can arrange to have a private phone consultation with Patricia Evans by phone in the privacy of your home or office.
Call Patricia at (925) 934-5972

Would a phone consultation be helpful to you?
Typically, clients answer yes to some of these questions.

Are you

* experiencing mixed feelings about your relationship?
* wondering if change is possible?
* looking for strategies to effect change?
* unsure if your feelings are "normal?"
* looking for validation and emotional support?
* looking for ways to heal and start over?
* trying to cope with harassment or a workplace bully?

Do you want to know:

* how to set boundaries?
* how to respond to verbal abuse?
* how to deal with workplace abuse?
* how best to leave your lover?
* why your libido left when verbal abuse arrived?
* why someone close to you could mistreat you?
* why the abuser can"t hear and understand you?
* why a person who claims to love you would abuse you?
* why the abuser focused abuse on you, not most others?
* how to recover from verbal abuse?
* why you feel a "set back" when you see a former abuser?

Or do you want to know

* how to avoid making verbally abusive statements?
* why you feel angry around your partner or coworker?

Phone consultations are a highly beneficial adjunct to counseling, therapy, support groups and anger management programs.

People who have experienced verbal abuse, and feel that they are the target of verbal are asked to complete the first book, THE VERBALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP prior to their consultation.

People who indulge in verbal abuse often have difficulty distinguishing between what they say and what they hear their mate says. Usually people who indulge in verbal abuse are quite unaware of their behavior and don't see themselves as acting irrationally, or strangely, or inappropriately, or even as controlling. However reading is assigned at an informational phone consultation to bring clarity to what they learn.

How It Works
A mutually convenient date and time is arranged by phone. The client calls on the date arranged. The phone consultation usually takes one hour. Payment by MasterCard or Visa is customary. Emergency cancellations and postponements should be made as soon as possible by calling to reschedule.

If you are interested in more information or want to schedule a phone appointment with Patricia Evans, please email or call:

Patricia Evans
Phone 925 934 5972 • Fax 925 933 9636