"Of all living systems, plants, animals, and the earth itself, only people have the freedom to choose—to consciously define themselves." - Patricia Evans

I offer an international workshop for women each spring, as well as smaller workshops to community groups and at educational events. To receive notices of events and the latest news please sign up for our free email newsletter.


Patricia Evans is available to conduct workshops for businesses and organizations around the issues of
A. “Effective Communication”
B. “Ending Verbal Abuse”
C. “Developing Close Relationships of the Best Kind”
D. “Other - custom tailored to your needs”


In 1992, I introduced the term "Verbally Abusive Relationship" to the culture. Many thousands of people throughout the world responded, grateful to have a name for their experience. Thanks to them and their contributions, we have much more knowledge available.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor a workshop on verbal abuse issues, please review the following information and contact us for details.

To bring healing both individually and collectively, it is my intention that workshop participants gain clarity and insight into verbally abusive relationships. I invite participants to join me in exploring the context, content and underlying dynamics of verbal abuse. I believe that a profound understanding of this issue is essential to our own well-being and the well-being of all those who seek healing and mutuality on planet earth.

I have given workshops sponsored by organizations and community leaders throughout the US and in Canada and Australia. Workshop participants include interested members of the community, people who have experienced verbal abuse, people who have perpetrated verbal abuse, counselors, therapists, law enforcement personal and community health professionals.

Generally workshops cover the following topics. However, any workshop can be tailored to your particular audience.

* What Constitutes Verbal Abuse
* The Two Realties of the Abuser and Abused
* The Categories of Verbal Abuse
* The Impact and Consequences of Verbal Abuse
* The Crazy-Making Aspects of Verbal Abuse
* How Verbal Abuse is used to Control the Partner
* The Physical Effects Of Verbal Abuse
* What is Wrong with The Abuser
* Why the Abuser Thinks it is The Partner's Fault
* Personal Freedom and Self Definition
* Responding To Verbal Abuse
* How To Set Boundaries
* Validation and Self-Esteem
* Counseling
* Questions About Verbal Abuse
* How You Can Bring Awareness
* Controlling Behaviors
* How to Teach Children about Verbal Abuse
* What Constitutes Good Therapy for the Victim and for the Perpetrator



CLARITY : An annual weekend workshop for women from all over the world, held in California.
Sponsored by: EICI, Inc.
Workshop and Training for Therapists
Australia: Syndey, Melbourne, Adelaide, Wagga, Brisbane
November 2004
Sponsored by: Written Word
Note: 360 professionals attended and 99% said, "Yes, we would recommend this training to our colleagues!"
Workshops on Verbal Abuse and Controlling People
Washington, DC
July 31, 2004
Sponsor: International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
Domestic Violence: The Changing Role of the Criminal Justice System
Oklahoma City, OK
Sponsored by: The Governor, First Lady, Attorney General & The Supreme Court of Oklahoma
Supported by: The Oklahoma Judicial Conference, Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute, The Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
National Fed. of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Benicia, CA
Livermore Business and Professional Women, Livermore, CA
Adult Violence Forum, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hill, CA
State Conference Council on Battered Women, Atlanta, GA
California Writers Club, Pleasant Hill, CA
Nineteen Presnetations at International Womens Annual Weekend Workshop, San Rafael, CA
LafayetteOrinda Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, CA
Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA
Annual Women's Gathering, Fresno, CA
Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills, CA
Conference on Domestic Violence: Sponsor: BPW, Berkeley, CA
Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA
Beverly Hills High School, Assembly, Beverly Hills, CA
International Assoc. of Counselors & Therapists, Newark, NJ
Second Annual CA Narrative Therapists Participants' Conference, San Diego, CA
Statewide Conference on Domestic Violence Sanduskey, Ohio
Telluride Community , Telluride, CO
Coalition Against Dom. violence, Ok. City, OK
Men's Resource Center & Women's Agenda, Portland, OR
S. Oregon State College & Phoenix Police Dept. Ashland, OR
California Writers Club, Los Angeles, CA
Univ. Church of Rel. Science, Tacoma, WA
Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA
St. Mary's University.: Sponsor: Graduate Psych. Dept. San Antonio, TX
School District of Palm Beach: Florida
Employees of Fayette County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc., PA
Calgary City Teachers Convention. Calgary, Canada
Kenora Sexual Assult Centre. Kenora, Ontario, Canada
East Coast Seminars. Stamford, CT
AMEND. Denver, CO
Northern Sussex District Medical Society, MA
Family Services Thunder Bay Canada.
Sponsor: EICI. San Rafael, CA -
Speech: The Gaia Cultural Arts Center Berkeley, CA
The Learning Annex San Francisco, CA
Wellspring Resource, Danville, CA
Wiregrass Mental Health Board, Dotham, Alabama
ARMS: Portland, OR
Northwest Family Life, Seattle, WA
San Ramon Valley Methodist Church, Danville, CA
Jacksonville State University, Alabama -
Conferenc: Governor, Atty. General & Supreme Court of Oklahoma,Ok.City
EVDVSAT , domestic violence task force, Evansville, Indianna,
University of Toledo, T. Ohio
Community Presbyterian Church, Danville
Internat. Assoc. of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Washington,DC
Comisión para la Investigación de Malos Tratos a Mujeres, Madrid, Spain .
Sydney, AU, —Therapist Training
Adelaide, AU —Therapist Training
Melbourne, AU —Therapist Training
Wagga, AU —Therapist Training
Brisbane, AU —Therapist Training
Sydney AU —Therapist Training

Biographical Summary
Patricia Evans is an internationally recognized Interpersonal Communications Specialist. Drawing upon research of more than thirty thousand cases of verbally abusive relationships, she speaks and conducts workshops throughout the country. Founder of the Evans Interpersonal Communications Institute, now, EICI, Inc., where she offers workshops and training programs, Patricia Evans has single-handedly brought the subject of verbal abuse to the forefront of American consciousness.

Newsweek commended her first powerful book on the subject, The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize it and How to Respond (1992). Expanded edition (1996), as "A groundbreaking new book." It is available throughout the US, Canada, England, Mexico, Germany, France and in the Chinese Language. Published by Adams Media Corporation.

Evans has spoken on the devastating effect of this secret form of control on more than two hundred radio programs, and seventeen national television shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, Sonya Live—CNN and News Talk.

She is acclaimed as a public speaker, Riveting—Keay Davidson, San Francisco Examiner;
Enlightening—Dr. Richard Jamison, Director, Productivity Enhancement, NJ
Excellent—Antoinette Michaels, Hope Counseling, NY
Powerful and Life-changing—Don Adams, President,Psychological Resource Center, Cary, NC.

Her second book, Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out: On Relationship and Recovery (1993), explores the subject of verbal abuse in depth and is destined to be given a permanent place in schools, in the libraries of all health professionals, and in the heart and mind of every reader.Both books were presented to the academic community at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Interpersonal Speech Communication Association, November 1994, New Orleans.

In a joint project with the Safe Schools Center, Palm Beach, FL. Evans has designed workshops for teachers and students to create a climate free of hostility and harassment.

Patricia Evans lives in northern California and is an interpersonal communications specialist, consultant and speaker. She is dedicated to bringing clarity to interpersonal communications.

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