On Relationship and Recovery

By Patricia Evans

Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out draws upon the experience of thousands and offers courage, wisdom, and information shared by many.

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Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out tells you:

* How verbal abuse can transition to domestic violence and battering;
* How abusers control their partner's space, time and resources
* How one’s connection between the inner and outer world
——between action and result——disintegrates and how the partner
may then feel paralyzed and unable to act
* The categories of abuse women experience most
* How to recognize other forms of control
* What to watch out for in new relationships
* How to go beyond abusive relationships
* How to look for a therapist
* How to start a support group.
* How to find help: An extensive appendix lists agencies in every state.

Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out presents a perspective on surviving verbal abuse without blaming the survivor. This is important because some uninformed people have claimed that the person who experiences abuse is somehow at fault for having been in the presence of an abuser.

Thousands of readers have told me that even when they know what verbal abuse is, after reading my first book, The Verbally Abusive Relationship, they wonder why they still feel paralyzed, confused, depressed and all stirred up inside long after experiencing the abuse. Knowing that they are not alone, and even that they didn't deserve it in any way has helped many.