Patricia Evans conducts interpersonal communications trainings for businesses and organizations throughout the country.

The following issues are addressed.

* Effective Communication
* Difficult Discussions and Failed Communications
* Guidelines For Establishing an Emotionally Healthy Work Environment
* The Difference Between Conflict and Control
* Coping with Covert or Overt Verbal Control Tactics
* Custom Tailored To Your Needs

Hundreds of men and women have benefited from communications trainings by Patricia Evans. This training brings important communication skills into focus. Attendees are provided with guidelines that clear up confusion over what's okay and what's not; and just as important, why some communications fail, or even bring the opposite of the desired results.

Evan's dynamic half-day training provides the tools that if used ensure increased morale and cooperation releasing high energy for productivity.

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Please contact us to discuss your needs. We would like to hear from you and to address any questions. In any e-mail, please include the name of your organization, agency or business, the number of people that might attend, and the issues of greatest interest to you.

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