Verbal abuse is a problem that affects many people, either as victims or perpetrators. For Safer Schools is a workshop for educators. It is designed to heighten awareness and to offer solutions to create a climate free of hostility.

For Safer Schools is a joint project developed by Patricia Evans and Rick Lewis, Training Coordinator, Safe Schools Center, Palm Beach County School District, Florida. It is adapted from The Verbally Abusive Relationship (1996) Patricia Evans. A similar workshop for middle and high school students is also available.

For Safer Schools includes:

* An exploration of what constitutes verbal abuse.
* A slide presentation (Overhead Projector)
* Conflict Situations: Abusive/Non-abusive
* Strategies for Dealing with Verbal Abuse
* Effective Intervention/Problem Solving
* Handouts
* Examples of eleven categories of verbal abuse:
-Affecting Students
-Affecting Staff
-Affecting Administration

In workshops and trainings throughout the country, from Palm Beach to Calgary, to Beverly Hills, Patricia Evans has addressed thousands of professionals. Following are actual responses from attendees.

Patricia is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker.
—Cindy O. Kun, Member School board.

—Debra Jiran, School Counselor.

I teach conflict resolution. This should help my students immensely.
—Beth Howard, Counselor.

Excellent! It's a way of life to be aware.
—Lynn Schultz, Teacher.

—Kathleen Smith, Teacher.

In the classroom I plan to help the students to "hear" themselves.
—Joanne Cochran, Educator.

Excellent! The information is extremely valuable.
—Sandy Shrago, Guidance Counselor & Member School board.

The presentation was great!
—Chevelle Hall, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse.

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