"The Verbally Abusive Man, Can He Change?"


* Verbal abuse creates a pretend world
* Verbal abuse ostracizes its victims and isolates them
* Verbal abuse denigrates and diminishes human beings
* Verbal abuse invades a person's inner world and self-definition
* Verbal abuse is kept hidden and seldom discussed
* Verbal abuse may seem normal to some
* Verbal abuse coerces people to protect perpetrators

Without men willing to change we would have no change in the world. Men can find out what to do if they have the v.a. problem.

The verbally abusive man often has an 'inside' self and an 'outside' self. He shows one self to the world. This is the persona or image that he made up from the outside in. It is his ‘outside’ self.

His 'inside' self is the one that appears when the world is shut out. Then it is just him and him in you, so to speak. As if there is only one mind, his, in the room and so of course he knows what you are, what you are 'trying to do' and even how sensitive you are.

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